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Friday, January 28, 2005

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First, we'd like to point out that at any time you can go to marti's profile page, scroll down and see the titles of all our blogs. it'll be awhile before we can fix them so they all appear on each blog.

we LIKE feedback! thanks for questions and comments. we're listening...
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Ya heard it HERE first - an editorial with a good idea they ain't doing yet. ;-(

Perhaps Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger could immediately declare a moratorium to free all California's nonviolent drug offenders...on condition that they sign up for a few months of paid service for the state.

They could clear the brush from our highways and towns to reduce the potential for fires such as came very close to burning my home town. We took a picture of Contra Costa County's hospital that shows how close that fire came to a massive propane storage tank.

Firefighters are the real heroes. Now, let's suggest that Schwarzenegger show that kind of courage.

Marti DeWolfe


this is from an editorial i submitted to the contra costa times. if you click on the link it should take you there. it's near the bottom of a very long page.

lynda carter's web site mentions me 'cause she danced to my song, river of tears, in a movie!

scroll down to about the 16th picture on the left (the gory creature of the title) and you’ll find in the song credits - yours truly! RIVER of TEARS, a song about a little trip I took...

and an irony here (blog to come) that I didn’t LITERALLY take that river ride last summer!! Dave got to see the movie with me, in San Francisco, and then had to keep me from ridin’ the American River right outta his life on the 4th of July weekend!

speaking of Christopher Coppola's movie, BLOODHEAD...

scroll down to the song credits and there I am!

“River Of Tears”
Written & Performed by Martha DeWolfe
Courtesy of Marc Ferrari at MasterSource

here's something fun. Bloghead! Chris Coppola's got a sense of humor
Here’s a quote from Bloghead...The Bloodhead Blog


"We are changing the title to "The Curse of Bloodhead". It makes it sound more like a drive-in movie. This is less of a horror film or slasher film and more of a campy trailer park anti-racist fable that happens to have a monster and some bloodshed in it..."

...'ears'. there's an inside joke immortalized in a very, very rare cd dave and marti guested on that was recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in memphis, tennessee summer of '04. about 'ears'...has nothing to do with chris, though. yeah, THAT sun studios. bear in mind, the cd is...uh, rare. don't look for it at the local store...you'll have to get us to play it sometime over a coffee break.

but you can find this one online!

here's a rare jewel. there's a song by 'moi' on the disc

$5 each POSTPAID

The Met sampler is a collection of the best of Dallas' scene..Artists include Ronnie Dawson, Fireworks, Funland, Hagfish, Lithium Xmas, Spot, 39 Powers, Magic Box, Baboon, Sara Hickman, Old 97's, Jack Ingram, Andy Owens, Colin Boyd, Donal Hinely, The Cartwrights, and Martha DeWolfe.

the really fun part was when George Gimarc played a little .45 "Walkin' After Midnight", Waylon Jennings' own copy from his early radio jd days...allegedly recorded by a man!! HERBERT HOOVER's version of "Walkin' After Midnight" was actually PATSY CLINE's voice SLOWED DOWN TO 331/3 rpm and released as a 'fictitious' man because in those days women didn't get a lot of airplay, and there were, uh, ROYALTIES to consider, you know. my Mom and i were fascinated!

some of these links go to my pages, others to pages i think you might enjoy!

i was a member for ten years. they let me speak during their rg...

nobody parties like mensa members. they don't call 'em 'eggheads' for nothin'!


Homer Clyde DeWolfe, 68, a retired Arlington,
Texas police
officer died Friday, October 23, 1998
...after a long and courageous battle with Alzheimers disease.

His police career spanned 36 years beginning in
Austin. Homer married Grace in 1956 and
moved to Grand Prairie where he achived the rank
of assistant chief of police. ...
...his IQ test results placed him
in the top two percent of the nation... known
to turn down promotions just to stay on
his beloved police motorcycle.
He was preceded by parents, Ruyel and Homer;
a brother, Robert, and a daughter, Roberta Lynn DeWolfe.
Survivors are his wife of 42 years, Grace DeWolfe...

her final words were "they're coming for me"...and her daugher will be using the many painful & poignant memories of my time caring for both parents, to inspire anecdotes that may make someone else's journey with their loved one just a tad more bearable.

every time i visited my parents i tried to come up with at least 12 things to do, big or small, that would make her life simpler, and his perhaps a bit less miserable.

there will be stories..

i believe every human being deserves equality, because we are all created equal.